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EPAN - "Sports to the Nations" (Uttermost Sport)
Training servant leaders on and off the field!

Member of our church, they have a mission to mobilize youth to missions through sports. They have served in the MENA area (Middle East/ North of Africa). They have the challenge of investing in the Kingdom of God by expanding the frontiers of sports ministry through football, reaching places where the gospel is not welcome. 

The IEBNA, through B Family, is engaged and supporting the challenge to recruit young adults in South/ North America to train them and send them to the East Mediterranean - working in North Africa and Middle East area - sharing God's love through sport.


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Follow here the last updates of the project. The posts are written in Portuguese and English (so just scroll down to read it ;)

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Our Mission

To see followers of Jesus living in restricted-access contexts to reach the unreached with the Gospel.

Our Vision

To create opportunities through a sports-business missions platform for Sending Organizations and churches to send workers to restricted-access contexts.



Working  with sport ministry in these past years in Brazil and United States. We've met lots of young adults with great potential to serve God through sports. We've also seen lots of opportunities in restricted-access locations. So we've worked to create a platform to make a bridge between these athletes and projects. With the same motto of Chicago Eagles - a season of training for a lifetime of service, we train servant leaders to show God's grace on and off the field!

Our Strategy

Uttermost Sports is a sports-business missions platform that works with churches and missions organizations to send intentional followers of Jesus to represent Him in restricted-access locations. We do this by facilitating short-term and long-term opportunities for coaches, athletes, and a variety of people with a background in sports, for the purpose of creating and sustaining access and engagement not possible through traditional missionary efforts.


You can support us through MAI/Chicago Eagles website. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Serving in the East Mediterranean together with